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Future Coating Technologies

SpecialChem - Nov 2, 2010

More than 50% of the 244 respondents from the October SpecialChem readers poll forecast they will use self-cleaning (32.8%) or self-healing (25.8%) coatings as the advanced technologies they intend to investigate next year. Biomimetic and super-flexibility coatings were almost tied for third place at 15.2% and 14.8%, respectively. Conductive coatings came in last at 11.5%. It is interesting to note that until about ten years ago coating technology was focused mostly on appearance, durability, costs, mechanical properties and meeting government regulations. Although these factors are still important in developing a new coating, the latest innovative techniques now allow chemists to develop special niche coatings including the above mentioned self-cleaning, self-healing, biomimetic, super-flexibility and conductive coatings.
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SpecialChem4Coatings Members Reactions
Innovation - Nov 03, 2010
posted by Claudio Salas at PREPAN S.A.
I hope this polimers wil be soon available in south america. This forecast is a good starting point to think ahead. Regards from Argentina
Biomimetic coating & conductive polymers - Nov 09, 2010
posted by Akbar Ali at SRF LIMITED
It is quite interesting and it may useful for so many applications


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