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May 17, 2006 * Issue No. 46
BOYA//PAINT 2006 Congress and Exhibition

BOYA/PAINT 2006 Congress and Exhibition to take Place on 17-19 May Istanbul

First of all, I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am Professor Dr. Murat Orbay, the Chairman of Scientific Committee of PAINT 2006 and I want to thank SpecialChem for allowing me to be the "Guest Editor" for today's Bulletin. As you know, Turkey is positioning itself for entry in the European Union and along with that is the exposure and influence that Turkey can offer the world of paint and coating markets. In just eleven years, the interest in coatings events has grown to 136 companies that cover 3,600 square meters of exhibition space. It's hardly believable when you think that we started with in 1995 with only 500 square meters and a modest conference that is organized by the Chamber of Chemical Engineers. Turkey rounds out the Top 20 in terms of the largest economy in the world and has gone to great expense to invest in the infrastructure of the coatings industry.

This year the theme is "Smart Coatings and New Technologies." The 51 oral presentations, including plenary lectures of prominent invited speakers, and will be more than double of that of PAINT 2004. In addition, 17 poster presentations shall also be presented, and participation in both events should be worthwhile and is highly recommended.

I hope to see you there and again, I thank SpecialChem for allowing me to take the "spotlight" in this issue. Now, here is the focus concerning the New Aliphatic Polyisocyanates Center!...

Customers often ask for long pot life to ensure enough flexibility when applying the paint, and at the same time, they want fast-drying film to gain in productivity and avoid dust issues. To meet their customers' expectations, formulators had to find a compromise between these two performances.

Thanks to the development of new solvent-based aliphatic isocyanates, it is now possible to formulate fast curing PU paint with a longer pot life.

Want to learn more about these new solutions at hand-reach? Visit the new Aliphatic Polyisocyanates Center!

To continue, SpecialChem is offering an article that compliments this new Center: Blocked Isocyanates and Their Usage in Plastic Coatings Applications, and don't forget the June 7 e-Training Course on Pigment Dispersion - Part 1.

See our Web site for more information on BOYA 2006:

Best regards and hope to see you there!

Prof. Dr. Murat Orbay
Chairman of Scientific Committee of PAINT 2006


Blocked Isocyanates and Their Usage in Plastic Coatings Applications
For some high-performance plastic coatings applications, the 1K coatings do not have the carefully controlled mix ratio requirement or the potlife concerns of 2K polyurethane coatings. Traditionally these requirements can be met through the use of blocked isocyanates. This article discusses some of the results from a current study examining the potential of two developmental blocking agents, diisopropyl amine (DIPA) and t-butyl benzyl amine (BEBA). DIPA and BEBA are compared to the lowest-temperature-curing, urethane-forming, traditional blocking agent, 3,5-dimethyl pyrazole (DMP).

Access the entire Article

CLICK here to access the entire article library!


May 16, 2006Victrex Launches VICOTE™ Coatings
Victrex plc introduces the next generation of coatings featuring durability and high performance for long life. Launched under the brand name VICOTE??Coatings, this remarkable new product line, when compared with traditional fluoropolymer coatings, is the ideal choice for automotive, industrial, consumer cookware, and food processing applications.  >>

May 15, 2006DuPont Refinish Indonesia Promotes Low Emission Products
DuPont Refinish Indonesia recently promoted DuPont Low Emission Products during a media workshop held in Jakarta. The workshop provided participants with the most recent information about DuPont technology and innovation for car paints.  >>

May 10, 2006?ZY? Yttrium Stabilized High Density Grinding Beads
Quackenbush Co., Inc. is pleased to announce a new type of high-density yttrium stabilized zirconia grinding beads. Named "ZY", the beads offer a lower cost means of utilizing the performance advantages of a quality 6.0 g/cc high-density ceramic bead.  >>

May 8, 2006AMI DODUCO Introduces a New Combined Rhodium/Palladium Coating Process That Reduces Rhodium Costs
AMI DODUCO, a Technitrol Company, announced that it is offering a new combined rhodium/palladium process for coating jewelry.  >>

May 5, 2006GE's Flame Retardant (FR) Flexible Noryl(1) Resins Now Recognized Under UL1581 as an Acceptable Wire Coating Material Candidate for 80 C, 90 C & 105 C Applications
GE's Resins Offer Top Performance for Appliance Wire Coatings with Added Benefits of Non-Halogenated FR, Thin-Wall Constructions, and Environmental Responsibility.  >>


Pigment Dispersion - Part 1

WHEN: June 7
Eastern US: 10 a.m. / 3 p.m. London

COST : 280 Euros

Jochum Beetsma, our coating-expert will present a two part online training about Pigment Dispersion. The importance of surface energy of pigment particles will be discussed and you will get familiar with a quick and easy test to obtain quantitative insight in the surface energy of pigments. You will learn backgrounds and routes for resolution for problems like pigment shock, flocculation and solvent shock get knowledge about the optimum desired structure of dispersants + much more. Click on the title to know more!

Click here to SIGN UP!

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