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Polyester TGIC

Polyester triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC) powders are one of two polyester powder coatings being used commercially (the other is urethane polyester). In these coatings a very low molecular weight glycidyl or epoxy functional curing agent is used to co-react with the polyester. In this way, the polyester constitutes a very high percentage of the resin and provides weather and corrosion resistance incomparable to the urethane cured polyesters. However their resistance to chemical and solvents is lower.

TGIC powders have very good adhesion characteristics, corrosion resistance, and exterior durability. They can typically be cured at lower temperatures than urethanes and have shorter cure cycles. They also provide good edge coverage and tough, thick films.

Typical applications of polyester TGIC powder coatings are where sharp edges and corners exist such as on automotive wheels, air conditioners, lawn furniture, and air conditioner cabinets.


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