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Develop back sheet film for solar cell with Takenate®: 2K fluorocoating System

Back sheets are ones of solar cells components which have protective role and help resist damages cause by weather and other environmental factors.
Solar backsheets are used to bring physical protection, vapor barrier...

Back sheets for photovoltaic's modules applications

For photovoltaic's modules applications,the most popular backsheet construction is a trilaminate and polyvinyl fluoride represents the standard material used for one layer of back sheets.

Mitsui has developed an alternative to this standard material which demonstrates an excellent profile aligned with the needs of photovoltaic's modules applications.

By combining Takenate® D-120N with a fluoropolymer (such as PTFE), you can substitute the commonly PVF film used in back sheet for solar cell and achieve long-life performance!


Back sheet film of solar cell
Back sheet film of solar cell (Substitute of PVF film)


Films based on Takenate® D-120N provide long term resistance properties for photovoltaic modules in all weather conditions such as:

  • Adhesive strength (without surface treatment needed)
  • Long pot life (superior to 5 hours)
  • UV resistance
  • Moisture barrier
  • Blocking resistance
  • Fast drying

Request a FREE sample of Takenate® D-120N !

Due to its excellent adhesive strength, weather resistance, ultraviolet resistance Takenate® is ideal to manufacture high quality back sheet film!

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