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Productivity increase and best finishes for your solvent-borne ink formulations with Takenate® D-110N

Inks for gravure and screen printing application Screen printing application

Inks for gravure and screen printing application require long-lasting end-use performance as they might be used in packaging or plastic goods.

Takenate® D-110N is an aliphatic polyisocyanate adduct prepolymer which has been developed by Mitsui with the objective to support both productivity and product finish level needed by ink producers.

Indeed, it can be used as fast curing curative for gravure and screen printing ink application, improving the production output.

Reactivity as adduct polymer
Figure 1: Reactivity as adduct polymer

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fit of Takenate® D110-N with your ink formulation

Definitely, Takenate® D-110N magnifies the benefits of your ink offering.

Indeed, in addition to improved reactivity allowing reduced process time, Takenate® D-110N provides your ink formulations with:

  • Excellent adhesion (Plastics)
  • Superior Stain resistance
  • Mar (Abrasion) resistance
  • Very good chemical resistance

Takenate D-110N reduces the ink formulation's processing time
Figure 2:
Takenate® D-110N reduces the ink formulation's processing time

  XDI (D-110N) HDI biuret type
5% HNO3 Blistering Lift
5% HCI No Change Loss of Gloss
5% NaOH No Change Blistering
Figure 3: Takenate® D110-N specialty isocyanates stand the test better than HDI

Takenate® D110-N is a solvent-borne product and is suitable for 2K inks application.

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