Solution Case Study

Wood Furniture Coating with Improved Productivity and Better Stain Resistance

Wood furniture for office use
  • Polymer: Takenate® XDI
  • Application: Wood Furniture

> Key Benefits

  • Improved Productivity
  • Better Stain Resistance

Your Challenge

Wood furniture is part of our everyday's life. From kitchen and bathroom cabinets to office furniture, these are objects we expect to be both aesthetic and long lasting. This is actually quite a demanding request given the multiple physical constraints and stresses they are subject to.

Shocks, scratches, stains, color fading or yellowing are some of the damages that can impact both the appearance and mechanical resistance of furniture, thus reducing their longevity.

To prevent such inconvenience, coating formulators may improve the performances of their coatings so as to increase the finish, and so the perception of quality from the end-user.

The Solution...

Mitsui has developed a family of specialty isocyanates, Takenate® XDI, to help you to fulfill your customers' most demanding requirements. By formulating with the PU resins issued from Takenate® XDI you will enhance the value-added of your wood furniture coatings through improved processability and finishes.

Increased productivity

XDI behaves much better than IPDI or HDI
Figure 1: XDI behaves much better than IPDI or HDI

Reactivity as adduct polymer
Figure 2: Reactivity as adduct polymer

Takenate® XDI demonstrates higher reactivity than other isocyanates leading to reduced processing time thus increased productivity when developing wood furniture coatings.

Stain Resistance

Felt pen ink test, then wiped with ethanol:

Takenate XDI exhibits excellent performance when it comes to stain resistance
Figure 3:
Takenate® XDI exhibits excellent performance when it comes to stain resistance

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