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Meet the latest VOC requirements and Optimize Costs: Formulation tips using coalescents
View Presentation Reducing VOC… What are the options? Choosing the right raw materials is essential to meeting this goal!

Chemical Modifications of Styrene Maleic Anhydride in its use in Adhesive and Coatings
View Presentation Styrene maleic anhydride copolymers are renowned for being versatile building blocks to get to the required properties of your end formulation. As a matter of fact, the polar and non-polar moieties on the same molecule allow limitless chemical modifications that can vary its solubility, Tg and hydrophobicity.

Natrosol Performax™ Hydroxyethylcellulose a Breakthrough Innovation in Easy Dispersion Paint Thickening
View Presentation Natrosol™ Hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC), has been the leading thickener for waterborne architectural coatings for more than 50 years. It is widely used as the primary rheology modifier in waterborne latex paints around the world.

New High-Performance Environmentally-Friendly Yellow and Orange Pigments
View Presentation NTP Yellow and RTZ Orange provide high-performance colorant tools for the chemist and formulator to expand the high-performance color envelope liquid and powder coatings. Designers, colorists and marketing people can use this expanded color envelope make more impactful corporate colors, signage, automotive, ACE and other high performance applications.

Out-licensing Chemicals & Materials technologies with limited resources and in fragmented markets
View Presentation From informal know-how to highly patent-protected intellectual property, every industrial company owns technologies that are more or less formalized. For decades, it has been part of the core business for many large chemical companies to monetize them outside their own walls, putting in place some out-licensing processes. For example, Dow Chemical collects several hundreds of millions of dollars in annual licensing revenues.

Improve TiO2 Efficiency in Flat Paint Formulations thanks to Low VOC Acrylic Polymer Emulsions
View Presentation During this Webinar our speaker Kent J Clow will explain through technical illustrations how to achieve the most effective TiO2 use in a flat paint formulation.

Multiple Functions with Multiple Benefits: Reformulating with Fluorosurfactants to Simplify Formulations, Improve Coatings Performance, and Achieve Cost Savings
View Presentation By incorporating DuPont™ Capstone® Multifunctional Fluorosurfactants into your low or no-VOC formulations, you can reduce or even eliminate other additives and achieve higher performing paints.

Multiple Functions with Multiple Benefits: Reformulating with Fluorosurfactants to Simplify Formulations, Improve Coatings Performance, and Achieve Cost Savings
View Presentation By incorporating DuPont™ Capstone® Multifunctional Fluorosurfactants into your low or no-VOC formulations, you can reduce or even eliminate other additives and achieve higher performing paints.

Optimize your TiO2 and fillers formulation thanks to Coatex dispersing technology
View Presentation With 40 years of expertise in this field, Coatex has developed a broad range of mineral dispersants fully dedicated to help you formulating the best class waterborne coatings for architectural and decorative applications.

Strong and long-lasting color with liquid pigment dispersions for water-based coatings
View Presentation Because of their high pigment content and their small particle size, LEVANYL® & LEVANOX® liquid dispersions provide very high color strength to water-based coatings.

Benefit from a broad and innovative portfolio
View Presentation As an architectural coating formulator, you may dream of a modifiers portfolio wide enough to allow you to tailor the rheology of your decorative paints. COATEX built it for you! In our next Webinar, COATEX experts will present the variety of environmentally-friendly rheology modifiers available at COATEX, dedicated to the architectural and wood coatings industry!

Rheotech™: New generation of associative acrylic thickeners
with improved features for waterborne coating systems
View Presentation Find the right rheology modifiers is one of the most important step when formulating water-based coatings for decorative, architectural and wood applications...

How POSS® Chemicals can Enhance Performance and Lead to Cost Savings: POSS® for Thermosets, Coatings, Inks, Adhesives and Dispersion aids
View Presentation POSS is a drop-in solution to increase your throughput and is used to expand the performance envelope of existing hydrocarbon thermosets, coatings, adhesives and high performance plastics. Dr. Joe Schwab, our POSS expert from Hybrid Plastics, will present through relevant case studies how POSS® provides significant benefits such as Improved hydrophobicity and chemical stability for demanding coatings, adhesives and composite resins and Enhanced flow and dispersion of high performance plastics.

Enhance overall performance of water-based coatings with aqueous pigment dispersions
View Presentation Grinding a pigment is a difficult, time-consuming and expensive (due to the equipment) phase in pure pigments incorporation in any coatings formulation. In this training session, learn more about alternative technologies more adapted to your needs.

1K waterborne wood coatings: green, efficient and reliable
View Presentation The wood coating industry is a huge market, since wooden substrates are found almost everywhere and need to be protected against different sorts of wear. The main attention during this seminar is addressed towards indoor coating systems for wood...

Optimize pigments loadings in coatings thanks to Alpamine N41™
View Presentation Alpamine N41™ is among the latest alkyl alkanolamines developed for waterborne coatings. Thanks to Alpamine N41™, the pigments dispersion is easier and you are able to get excellent color strength. In addition, you reduce your costs as you'll use less dispersing agent and pigments in your paste.

Polyurethane dispersions:new Environmentally Compliant Technologies for Textile
View Presentation In this Webinar you will discover the latest developments in hight solid polyurethane dispersions for high performance formulations for textile and how to select the ideal technology.

DuPont TS 6200 titanium dioxide grade for high performance exterior coating formulations (NAR/ER)
View Presentation DuPont TS 6200 titanium dioxide grade for high performance exterior coating formulations

DMSO for synthesis and formulation of Polymers - Alternative to toxic solvents ?
View Presentation DMSO is well known in the chemical industry as a good solvent for synthesis and formulation in several applications as Pharmaceutical, agrochemistry, electronics, paint stripping...but you may not hnown his potential in polymer.
The high solvent power of DMSO enables it to dissolve many organic raw materials and polymers. Therefore, it can be used for synthesis, formulation and cleaning steps.
The low toxicological profile of DMSO, a dipolar aprotic solvent, is key benefit, allowing it replace easily NMP or DMF in this kind of application. Contrary to NMP and DMF, DMSO is not labelled and represents no major risk to human health or for the environment.

Switch to 2K-Waterborne Coatings with Advanced Water-Dispersible Aliphatic Isocyanates
View Presentation Innovative aliphatic isocyanate technology specially designed for 2K waterborne PU Coatings. Benefit from combination of durability and protection performances without compromising with handling properties over a wide variety of substrates.

Using different Polyurethane Dispersion technologies to reduce VOC in plastic coatings
View Presentation Tightening VOC regulations are causing formulators of plastic coatings to reformulate with compliant waterborne technologies. The use of Polyurethane Dispersions will help you match the requirements of this legislation, while also maintaining the level of performance you have come to expect.
In this Webinar, our experts in Polyurethane Dispersions (PUDs) for coatings from Bayer MaterialScience will discuss the benefits and features of using PUDs as partial or total binder in water-based formulations.

Discover two new hyperdispersants for use in universal colorant systems
View Presentation In this Webinar you will discover the latest developments in pigment dispersants for high performance decorative coatings and therefore learn how to disperse any of your colorants.

Discover a new anti-corrosion binder for your metal application
View Presentation In Industrial Coating applications, you may encounter corrosion problems on metals.
To answer this recurrent issue, Cray Valley has designed a new Styrene-Acrylic Water-based Dispersion for Metal Primers with an excellent balance of properties which enables excellent corrosion protection of metal parts/equipment and good adhesion on ferrous substrates.
In addition, this new primer is based on a water-borne technology in order to meet VOC regulations. It is therefore much easier for cleaning and decreases workers' exposure to hazardous products.

Formulate High Performance and VOC-Compliant Solutions for Wood Coatings
View Presentation Think of all the consumer products made of wood!
Wood is a living material used in many applications that needs specific protection to extend life cycles of the consumer products...
In this Webinar you will discover the latest developments in polyurethane dispersions for high performance wood coatings and how to select the ideal curing technology to achieve the right combination of properties depending on the application.

Discover an efficient and non-toxic alternative to NMP
View Presentation In recent years, NMP (N-methyl pyrrolidone) has come under pressure for safety, health or environmental reasons and its replacement is a driving force in the coatings, inks, cleaning, degreasing and stripper industries.
In this free technical tutorial, discover an efficient and non-toxic alternative to NMP and an example of application in paint stripping.

Discover the Benefits of Polyurethane Dispersions for Formulating Environmentally Friendly Coatings
View Presentation Join our coatings experts from Bayer MaterialScience, a worldwide leader in PU technology for the past 30 years to learn about these benefits including: Developing environmentally friendly coatings: solvent-free and NMP free, low VOC and low odor Improving key features such as Substrate Adhesion, Solvent/Water Resistance, Elasticity and Light Stability Learning more about new PUD Developments including UV curable, and self-crosslinking types

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    A Webinar is an online real-time meeting conducted by an expert in the chemical industry.

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    (1) Become a full SpecialChem Member.

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    Our Webinars are conducted using Citrix GoToTraining. To confirm that your computer is configured for access to the event, please check GoToTraining system requirements
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    - Yes. At the end of each presentation, a "Questions and Answers Session" is organized for you to ask your questions directly to the presenter.

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    Yes. After the event, you will be offered to receive the presentation by e-mail.
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    If you cannot participate to the live session of our Webinar, simply register online via our short registration form. We will e-mail you once the event is closed so that you can access the recorded version of our Webinar.
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    Raw Material, Technology, Innovations Updates Troubleshooting, Market Overview, Best Practices, Regulations

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